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Sceletium is a Traditional African Medicine that has been used for thousands of years.
Traditionally it has been used as a tool to elevate one’s mood and to enhance people’s enjoyment of life. 

Nowadays Sceletium has shown huge promise in assisting people that suffer from

stress, anxiety or depression. It also acts as a great mood enhancer and general

cognitive enhancer for people who need to study long hours or work long days.

The way Sceletium does this is through assisting the brain in optimising the function of

serotonin. Clinical trials have grabbed the attention of psychiatrists and doctors who

see huge promise in the power of this amazing plant.

Mood Enhancement

Clinical trials have shown very positive results in Sceletium’s ability to improve mood

and uplift emotional states.


Sceletium is known to relieve anxiety and tension through its alkaloids, which work to

optimize the brains utilisation of serotonin.

Stress Relief

Sceletium provides a great natural approach to relief from stress by acting as a SSRI

(selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor).

Cognitive Enhancement

Sceletium is proven to improve mental functions such as memory, focus,

concentration, wakefulness and creativity.

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