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I have a 6 year old German Shepherd which suffers from inflammation in his back and in his hind legs. He was on cortisone tablets which resulted in him gaining a significant amount of weight.  The vet stopped the cortisone and Rooney really battled. He couldn’t jump into the car and was reluctant to go for walks which he loves. The pet shop where I buy Rooney’s food advised me to try Walkease.   The results were remarkable.  Within two weeks Rooney was running around like a pup, was able to jump into the car and was a much happier dog.

Trevor Rogers



My wife suffers with what's commonly known as restless legs and together with medication for the problem takes magnesium. She has tried most products on the market with little success. I then spoke to a friend of mine, Thomas Samuel who market's the MG Shot and he suggested my wife try it. Well to say the least she takes one every second day with her Pexola and not a hint of restless legs anymore. Needless to say the Product works

Vincent Aingworth

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